• Adult Therapies

    Whether you are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, grief, career/life transition, recovering from abuse, or just need to find direction, we can help. Let us create a plan to help you reach your goals through a positive, supportive environment that promotes your personal growth and well-being. Call or schedule today. Ask about our special rate for Seniors

  • Couples Therapies

    For couples thinking of marriage, there is much to consider. Any unresolved conflicts before marriage leave you at a disadvantage for creating your desired future together. Have you talked about the important issues that can create conflict later? Are you communicating well? Are you struggling to find balance as a couple? Couples, whether engaged or married, often times face difficulties that can strength or decay the relationship. We can provide premarital counseling directed toward resolving conflict and uncertainty and clarifying the important issues before the wedding. 

    Married couples sometimes need assistance in dealing with issues such as anger, resentment, infidelity, sexual issues, communication, conflict over parenting, finances, family roles, extended family, blending families, divorce recovery, family dynamics, or balancing the many demands that reduce intimacy and create stress. 

    We work with couples to find solutions. Call or schedule today!

  • We offer the SYMBIS Assessment for Engaged and Newly Married Couples through personalized couples sessions, small groups, and large groups. Learn how to start strong and maintain a healthy, lasting relationship. Contact us and let a Certified SYMBIS Facilitator help you get started today!

  • Family Therapies

    Parent involvement is an important part of counseling for children and adolescents, as is consideration of family environment and dynamics. Services are routinely provided for parents, children and adolescents struggling with behavior management, emotional, and relationship issues in the family. Family dynamics may also be a topic of concern. Many times families may be seen as individuals in addition to family therapy. This is coordinated based on the specific needs of the individual family members, combined family, and associated counseling goals.