• Assessment and School Interventions

    Sometimes children develop inappropriate behaviors that are part of their disability. Sometimes they develop coping mechanisms that interfere with learning and create difficulties at home, school, with peers, and may even cause harm to his/her self. Some behaviors are beyond the child's control, such as those associated with other health diagnoses. Other times, the behaviors may be in response to fear, sadness, change, or experiences of loss. Others may need help to develop positive coping behaviors to have their needs met. If your child is having difficulty with behaviors that are interfering with their ability to be successful, we can help. Contact our office today to arrange a functional behavioral assessment. 

  • Emotional and Behavioral Training

    Emotional and behavioral training offers a positive intervention for children with emotional and behavioral problems that create difficulties at home, school, with peers, and in various settings. Assessment helps identify what leads to both positive and negative behaviors and the cycle involved in promoting/perpetuating problem behaviors. Emotional and behavioral training teaches children the skills they need to successfully manage their own behaviors. 

  • High Risk Behavior Program

    Regal Oak counseling uses components from the Strength Enhancement Approach to Success (S.E.A.S.) Program for high-risk behavior counseling. The S.E.A.S. program is an evidence-based curriculum that address the needs of adolescents and teens (age 14-19) who engage in high-risk behaviors and exhibit difficulties in numerous areas. The areas covered by the program include strengths assessment; thoughts, emotions, and behaviors; personal control; decision-making; communication; risk assessment and management; and maintenance after program completion. For more information about the S.E.A.S. program components, or to inquire about access for a school or youth organization, CLICK HERE. For information on the S.E.A.S. after school groups offered at our location, visit our Groups page

  • Individual, Parent and Family Therapies

    Parent involvement is an important part of counseling for children and adolescents, as is consideration of family environment and dynamics. Services are routinely provided for parents, children and adolescents struggling with behavior management, emotional, and relationship issues in the family. This is coordinated based on the specific needs of the individual, parents, family and associated counseling goals.