• Counseling and psychotherapy are terms that are often used interchangeably. Psychotherapy generally focuses on the treatment of mental disorders, while counseling generally addresses life challenges and difficulties. If you have never had counseling or psychotherapy, we can explain the process, answer your questions, and provide information to help you decide if counseling or psychotherapy is right for you. We provide a safe, supportive environment focused on your needs. 

    Regal Oak Counseling, LLC uses evidence-based therapeutic approaches. These may include, but are not limited to, Cognitive Behavioral, Solution-focused, Motivational Enhancement, Dialectical Behavioral, Mindfulness-based, Compassion-focused, and Strength-based approaches. 

  • Christian, Bible-based Counseling

    We understand that Christian faith is the foundation for living for many people. If you are seeking Christian counseling, based on biblical principles and the unchanging Word of God, we can help. We are able to incorporate our client’s Christian faith into counseling sessions upon request. We also have several faith-based programs to address common issues. 

    We are committed to providing the very best to all our clients, and do not require that we share views regarding faith or spirituality to provide counseling. We see people from a variety of backgrounds and denominations. 

  • Individual Counseling

    Sometimes a little support, someone to listen, or guidance through the difficult times can make a tremendous difference in the ability to overcome challenges and regain balance. We offer strategies to help you overcome challenges while gaining tools to put into action after counseling is no longer needed. While some need counseling for months or years, others need only a few sessions. Our goal is to help you obtain the healing and tools to move forward in confidence. In short, we want you to do so well you do not need our assistance in the future. 

    We are happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about the counseling process. After the initial intake and assessment, we work together to create a treatment plan that supports your goals. You can stop counseling at any time, although we ask that you complete an exit session. We can help with anxiety, depression, family and relationships, divorce recovery, confidence and self-esteem, stress, and much more. Call or register today and let us help you find healing and balance. 

  • Couples & Marriage Counseling

    Whether you are thinking of getting married, or already married, relationships can be wonderful and difficult. As couples settle in and become more familiar with each other, oftentimes there are still topics that need to be discussed and addressed before marriage. We can help you work to ensure you are ready for the commitment of marriage and working together toward the same goals. If you are planning marriage or already married, and experiencing issues related to trust, infidelity, fighting fair, sexuality and intimacy, communication, child rearing and family management, anger, disappointment, or any other area of difficulty, call today and schedule an appointment to see how we can help.

  • Family Counseling

    Families face many challenges today that were not even on the radar just a generation ago. Common issues include parenting, finding time to nurture your marriage, blending families, work/life balance, disagreement, conflict, loss, separation, divorce, and much more. If you need family support and guidance, we can help. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment. 

  • Programs to Help in Almost Any Area

    • Discretion Services 
    • Executive
    • Veterans, Military, & Public Service
    • Crisis & Trauma
    • Grief and Loss
    • Career/Life Transitions
    • Child & Teen programs
    • Adult & Couples programs
    • Seniors
    • Groups
    • Telehealth (Web/Internet) Counseling - Texas Residents Only
    • SYMBIS Assessment for Engaged and Newly Married Couples
    • And Much More!