• Support Groups


    Adult Stress and Anxiety Support Groups are for those who struggle with concerns such as high stress, anxiety and panic attacks. Learn to identify triggers and develop skills to help manage your stress and anxiety more effectively. Many are also able to minimize or eliminate panic attacks as a result. Call 682-651-7621 for more information on availability.

    When: Tuesdays 6:30pm - 7:30pm

    Cost: $20/person per week

    All groups are at 1285 N. Main St. #101-5, Mansfield, Texas 76063

  • Strength Enhancement Approach to Success (S.E.A.S.) Group for High School Students

    S.E.A.S. groups are available for adolescents and teens, age 14 -19 years old, who are currently attending high school. Each group runs in 4-month cycles, but are open format, which means new group members can be added at any time. Please note that an individual intake and assessment is required to enroll in S.E.A.S. groups. Additional information is provided below. For more information, or to enroll your adolescent or teen in the S.E.A.S. group, contact our office. 

    When: Call for Availabiilty

    Where: Regal Oak Counseling
    1285 N. Main St., Ste. 101-5, Mansfield, Texas 76063   (682) 651-7521

    Cost:  $20/person per week (16 weeks, for a total of 32 sessions). Group fees are non-refundable. 

    Group Details:  The Strength Enhancement Approach to Success (S.E.A.S.) Program is an evidenced-based curriculum that addresses the needs of adolescents and teens. It is a comprehensive program designed for delivery in small or intermediate group settings. It is Evidence-based, and employs Cognitive Behavioral and Motivational Enhancement Approaches, is Strength-based and Solution-focused. Program curricula, concepts, and approaches were chosen for their alignment with the National Institute on Drug Abuse research-based principles and guides to effective treatment, developed from over forty years of scientific research. 

    Group attendees will experience positive social interaction; strengths identification and enhancement, support, coping skills, self-responsibility, time management, emotional and behavioral awareness, organizational skills, and much more! See below for more details.

    Important Note: All S.E.A.S. groups require a pre-group intake and assessment prior to participation. The cost is $75. If you are not a current client of Regal Oak Counseling, please call 682-651-7621 for a pre-group intake and assessment. 

  • Group Goals:

    • Improve academic performance
    • Reduce high-risk behaviors
    • Improvement management of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
    • Build self-esteem
    • Improve social interactions
    • Provide support
  • Program Addresses:

    • Strengths
    • Thoughts, Emotions, and Behaviors
    • Personal Control
    • Decision Making
    • Communication
    • Risk Assessment and Management
    • Moving Forward